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    by admin on December 4, 2019

    Before 1974 Famagusta was very popular for tourism. The endless golden beaches have been filled with large hotels and another acomodation for vacation. Today the part of it belongs to an unshared area Varosha. It is empty, abandoned, destroyed and being under Turkish military control it can be observed just from the outside.

    Famagusta is a Turkish city from 1571 when it was Ottoman period. The city has a lot of historical attractions. The huge thick walls and the ditch that surround the old city were constructed by Venetians. Famagusta is considered like a museum under open sky. The ancient museum in the Chimneyed House gives the atmoshere and taste of past times. From the Othello’s Tower you can observing almost the whole city.

    There are many churches in Famagusta, destroyed and still active. Many christian churches were transformed in mosques. The example of it is the grandiose cathedral of St. Nicholas which has become the Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque. This charming building is in the centre of the city, opposite the ruins of the Venetian palace.

    The Roman City of Salamis is located in the North of Famagusta area. The archaeological excavations continue here today in order to restore more of this amazing city. There is a church of St. Barnabas close to Salamis, which now is an icon and archaeological museum.

    Today you can find lots offerings of properties in Famagusta. The construction of the blocks of apartments, spacious comlexes continues here without stopping. The customers from different countries seek to invest here because of a huge potential of this region.