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    by admin on December 12, 2019

    The festivals devoted to growing agricultural products are arranged in North Cyprus during the year. According to the season and the area where certain crops are grown, festivals are held in honor of citrus fruit, grapes, cheese and olives.

    Olives for more than 3000 years are used in cooking and medicine in all countries of the Mediterranean region. Therefore every year in the village Zeytinlik a merry celebration is organized in honor of products from the majestic olives. The Olive Festival is one of the main festivals on the island, lasting more than a week, filled with a variety of different events, usually during the first weeks of October. In addition to olive products, including soap from olive oil and artifacts from olive trees, the festival covers much more. There are exhibitions, events, shows, concerts, demonstrations that include Cypriot handicrafts such as the production of baskets, ceramics, the production of cheese and local products, and traditional folk dances. A lot of concerts and performances take place in the amphitheater of Kyrenia during the festival.

    The village Zeytinlik is the center of the main events with a variety of arts and crafts shops along the streets of the village. An old mill opens here so that visitors can see how the olives were used before the process was completely modernized and brought into line with EU rules. It is also a market inside the mill where you can buy oil and other related by-products.

    The olive festival in Zeytinlik is a week full of fun and entertainment for all visitors and locals regardless of age. If you are going to visit North Cyprus in early October, come and join the celebrations. You will learn about the olive tree, people who grow trees and produce oil, and much, much more from the life of Cyprus.