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    Wednesday market

    by admin on December 3, 2019
    Wednesday market

    In North Cyprus there are open markets in the largest cities on different days of the week. Kyrenia has its open market every Wednesday. This market presents all local fruit, vegetables and other agricultural achievements of North Cyprus. The Wednesday market is very popular here and it is crowded during all the day. The assortment of products depends on season. The variety of presented vegetables includes tomatoes, aubergines, carrots, beans, courgettes and many others. You can buy here different nuts, dried fruit, local delights. It is a very colorful, fragrant and noisy market, where you can find all spectrum of vitamins for your ration at lower prices than in supermarkets. It is interesting, that prices here decline by the evening in comparison with morning. You can buy here also olive oil, eggs, cottage cheese, sometimes fresh chicken.

    There are shopping tents with agricultural inventory such as shovels, rakes, knives. The clothes, shoes, linen are also presented in the market. You can find something special for your home or as a gift in a local flea market which offer antique dishes and products of bronze, wood, porcelain and other materials.