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    Weather and Climate

    by admin on December 12, 2019
    Weather and Climate

    The Mediterranean climate of North Cyprus has hot dry summers and cool winters.

    July and August are the hottest months in North Cyprus. The temperature of air reaches 35-40 degrees these months. At such temperature it is especially hard to survive because of high level of humidity. It’s very important to use means of sun protection and drink enough water in summer time. There is no rain during 5 months and the temperature of the sea is very comfortable for swimming in this period.

    Rains start here from December and continue until March. The Cypriots are very happy when it’s raining, because their harvests need to be watered. Winter days are short and have a lot of sunshine, the average temperature is 17-19 degrees in the afternoon. The winter nights are cold, the lowest temperature is around 15 degrees. Many people use fireplaces for heating their homes.

    April is a month of transformation. The flowers and other plants start to grow and North Cyprus gradually becomes colorful and fragrant. Overall, Spring and Autumn months are the most pleasant for walking, hiking and travelling.