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    Village Karmi

    by admin on December 4, 2019
    Village Karmi

    Karmi is a stunning village in the mountains of the Kyrenia area near the castle of St. Hilarion. With its sophisticated houses in the mountains, Karmi reminds a fairy tale. There are greenery, flowers, trees, fascinating views of the sea, mountains and settlements around. The village Karmi is a local attraction where every bizarre house has its own unique spirit and is similar to a museum exhibit. Walking along stone paved paths and stairs will give you peace and pacification. You will meet small waterfalls, fountains and even a pond. White, blue, green colors prevail in the architecture. There are many decorative products with detailed elaboration, old doors and gates, multi-colored shutters on the windows. There is a small medieval Gothic temple with a bell tower in the center of the village, which is a museum of icons now.
    After the war in 1974 many damaged and abandoned houses were left in Karmi, which were later rebuilt by foreigners. Now most of the buildings are rented and mainly Englishmen live there.
    There are several shops, restaurants, bars and galleries in the village. It’s very quiet and not very crowded, however small tourist companies often come here. Among the variety of plants there are fruit and nut trees, bougainvillea, geranium and others here. Even the local streets have plants’ names.