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    by admin on December 3, 2019

    The public transport in North Cyprus is presented by minibuses called Dolmush. Their routes cover the main roads and cities. Generally the dolmushes run every 10-15 minutes and you can ask to stop everywhere you want. Prices vary from 3 to 5tl during Kyrenia areas. For longer distances the prices are 5-10tl. There are also special big buses for delivery to the airport. They move strictly on schedule and cost about 15tl. There are main bus stations in every city.

    Taxi in North Cyprus are Mercedes cars and easily can be found in town. Many major hotels have their own taxi service.

    Traffic in North Cyprus is on the left side, like in England, and all signs are international. It is necessary to have an insurance for bringing vehicles to the island. To get license of North Cyprus you should be a citizen of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, have a residence permission, work or student visa. You can get car and motorcycle licenses after reaching 18 years old and passing theoretical and practical exams on common roads.

    There are many companies for rent cars and motorcycles in North Cyprus. You can take a car for minimum 3 days for price started from 15 Sterling pounds per day. If you take it for a long period the price is lower.