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    by admin on December 12, 2019

    The relief of Cyprus consists of three areas and is defined by two different mountain chains of Troodos and Kyrenia. The eastest part of the Kyrenian massif forms the Karpas peninsula. The average height of the mountains is 600 meters. From the highest point of 1024 meters you can even see the coast of Turkey.

    Speaking about vegetation the cypresses and pines predominate on the northern slopes. The shrubs and stunted trees grow on the southern slopes. The tops of the mountains are mostly ungrown, while the slopes of the mountains are filled with vegetation. The areas adjacent to the mountains are arid and infertile.

    The Kirenian Range with its winding slopes and fairytale castles looks very fascinating and picturesque.

    The Mesaorian plain lies between the two mountain ranges across the entire island from the west to the east. Its area is about 960 square meters, the average height is 200 meters. This vast territory with fertile lands has exits to the sea in the east and west. The riverbeds of two rivers, dry in the summer, cross the Mesaoric plain. There are no natural fresh lakes in North Cyprus.