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    by admin on December 12, 2019

    Karpaz Peninsula is an almost wild land of Cyprus, which everobody should visit. The  plants are untouched, endless beaches are deserted and azure coastal waters are very clean in this side. There are almost no buildings here, only live nature.

    Karpaz is a conservancy area for donkeys, so don’t be surprise to see them walking free on the roads. Many tourists like to feed them.

    You can also see ancient historical places in Karpaz Peninsula, such as Byzantine churches decorated with mosaic and traditional villages with their inhabitants.

    The basilica Ayios Philon was constructed in the 12th C AD on the north coast of Dipkarpaz. There is a place Aphendrika to the east of this basilica, where three churches Ayios Yeoryios, Panayia Chrysiotissa and Panayia Asomatos were in the Byzantine period. But all the churches were destroyed by Arabs.

    Moving east of the Aphendrika you can see half-cave dwellings of BC.

    There is the Monastery of Apostolos Andreas on the South of Dipkarpaz. This place is very important for pilgrims. It is famous for its healing water sources.

    Zafer Burnu is the eastest point of Karpaz. This is a very picturesque place from where you can observe both the southern and northern coastslines.

    If you want to stay for more than one day in Karpas, there are some good hotels. The Theresa Hotel in Yeni Erenkoy, where you can find simple accomodation and a perfect food. Balci Plaza, two kilometres to the east, offers well furnished apartments and breakfast. Both hotels have sandy beaches. There is the Villa Lembos in Dipkarpaz, which consists of small high standard bungalows. There are well-groomed flower gardens on the territory.