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    International status

    by admin on December 12, 2019
    International status

    The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus is accepted as an independent state only by Turkey, Abkhazia and Azerbaijan. There is a TRNC embassy in Turkey, there are informal representative offices of the TRNC in some countries. The Gambia and Paraguay also expressed a desire to accept the TRNC.
    The Cyprus union plan of UNO (Annan Plan) proposes to form a bi-communal and bizonal state on the island. Thus, Turkey will be given the right to leave military bases in Cyprus, as well as to use any harbor, move and carry out military flights throughout the island. Annan’s plan also assumes 95% of the funding for all state structures of the united island will be by the Greek side.
    In 2004 the European Union accepted the entire island of Cyprus for its membership. However, before the union of two sides, the rules of the European Union extend only to the southern part of the island. The Parliament of the European Union includes 6 representatives of Cyprus, two of which can rightfully be Turkish Cypriots. However, in fact, all representatives of Cyprus in the European Parliament are Greek Cypriots.
    Negotiations about the union of the island have been started since 2008. During this period, the main issues were resolved.