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    by admin on December 12, 2019

    The city of Guzelyurt is located in the west of North Cyprus, 40 kilometers from Nicosia. The path to this mysterious city consists of fairy forests of coniferous and deciduous trees, wide orange plantations and tulip fields. Nature has awarded this region with truly extraordinary landscapes and beauty. Due to the numerous harvests of oranges grown here, Guzelyurt is called the orange capital of North Cyprus.

    In the center of the city there is the main representative of the sights of Guzelyurt – the Church of St. Mamas. There is a sarcophagus of the saint inside the Church, about which there are many legends. One of the legends tells about the hole in the sarcophagus. The oil, which has a miraculous healing property, is coming from this hole. The walls of the church are hung with numerous icons of the fifteenth century and are full of inscriptions of pilgrims, who have visited the shrine from immemorial time. The old history of the city can be studied in the museum not far from the church. There are exhibits of local representatives of flora and fauna, as well as various archaeological findings.