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    Fresh fish

    by admin on December 12, 2019
    Fresh fish

    Life at sea provides an excellent opportunity to add fresh fish to your diet. The Mediterranean Sea is inhabited by a variety of marine inhabitants. The most common types of fish in North Cyprus are levrek and dorada. Fried, baked in the oven or cooked on fire, the fish in any meal perfectly fits your table.

    In North Cyprus many shops offer a large range of fresh fish. In each of them for customers fish is washed, gutted and on request cut. There is a famous network of seafood stores Bozdağ in North Cyprus, where Russian-speaking employees work among others.

    All fish shops in North Cyprus work in a similar way. Local fishermen deliver fresh fish there every day. Three times a week additional seafood is brought from Turkey. Fish is always in great demand among locals and restaurants.

    With the exception of levrek, dorad, blue whiting and sardines, other seafood are offered depending on the season. Winter is the time of calamari and shrimps, spring and autumn is the time for tuna, there is a sea bass in the summer.

    Calamari, shrimps, octopus, swordfish and others are caught in local waters. Many species of fish are brought from Turkey, red fish comes from Norway.

    In general, living here for lovers of marine delicacies is a pleasure, the more seafood prices are acceptable here.