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    Food products

    by admin on December 12, 2019
    Food products

    The fine climate of North Cyprus allows the owners of households to grow wonderful crops of vegetables and fruits. They even don’t need to use additional fertilizers, since nature has already created all the necessary conditions for the formation of harvest with a full content of all useful properties. Therefore, you can find fresh and tasty vegetables, fruits and berries on the shelves of the shops and the markets of North Cyprus all year round at prices much lower than in Russia. In North Cyprus olive oil is also produced and, accordingly, is sold here at reasonable prices.

    As for water, it is better to buy it in bottled form. Because there are excessively chlorinated water flows in water pipes. The choice of dairy products in North Cyprus is modest, and the prices are high. You cannot find a real cottage cheese here. And instead of kefir Cypriots drink less fat and more salty drink Ayran.

    There are several large supermarket chains in North Cyprus, including Lemar, Tempo, Starling. The choice in these stores is very large.

    The meat is sold fresh in North Cyprus. In any supermarket you can find cuttings of any size and minced meat from chicken and beef. Pork is sold in some shops. Fresh fish and seafood can be bought at the Hur Deniz chain store.

    Each store in North Cyprus offers a wide selection of alcohol at prices lower than in Duty Free.

    Summing up, we can say that a rich assortment of food products in North Cyprus allows to feed fully and to lead a healthy lifestyle at affordable prices.