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    Flora and fauna

    by admin on December 12, 2019
    Flora and fauna

    There is a very interesting landscape in North Cyprus. The mountain chain stretches throughout the whole territory and both sides of it are plains. The most famous mountain Beshparmak is located near Kyrenia. The mountain Beshparmak has five strongly marked peaks that resemble five fingers, hence its name. The north of the island is filled with plains, which are mainly used for growing cereals. There are low mountains in the landscape of east and west of Cyprus.

    The flora of North Cyprus is very rich and diverse. In the northern part of Cyprus there are up to 2,000 species of plants, many of which are rare and under state supervision. Winter and spring are the period of flowering in North Cyprus, and the main boom is in March, as this month is moderately sunny and rainy. At the end of autumn mountain meadows are being covered with picturesque carpets of white crocuses. At the end of winter the plains of North Cyprus are being dressed in yellow oxalis flowers. In the mountains of North Cyprus more than 30 varieties of orchids grow.

    There are many trees and shrubs on the island, there is a tree-orchid, mimosa, fir, cypress, olive trees, eucalyptus among them. The representatives of citrus fruits fill the western part of the island in the area of Guzelyurt. A large number of vegetables is also grown on the fertile soil of this region, and a suitable climate allows Cypriots to grow fruits such as bananas, peaches, apricots.

    The fauna of North Cyprus is also rich and diverse. Sea turtles Caretta – are some of the most interesting representatives of fauna. These rare animals are putting their eggs in sands of the north coast of the island. In the national park Karpas in the east of Cyprus wild donkeys live. The tourists often feed them.

    Annually over 250 thousand species of birds fly over Cyprus, among which pink flamingos, cranes, herons, ducks stay here for winter. In addition to the migrant birds there are about 300 species of local Cypriot birds.

    In the summer there are various amphibians on the island: snakes, lizards, chameleons. But basically they’re all shy and harmless. The hedgehogs, foxes, hares also live in North Cyprus.