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    by admin on December 3, 2019

    The educational system in North Cyprus consists of the next levels: Pre-school education, Primary education, Secondary education and Higher education.

    Pre-school is kindergartens for not more than 6 years old children.

    Primary education is implemented in two steps: elementary school for 7-12 years old children and secondary-junior for 13-15 years old children. There are many primary schools in North Cyprus such as British Academy of North Cyprus, Levent Nursery, Eastern Mediterranean Primary School and other.

    The next step is a Secondary education, which is created for 16-18 years old children. It is a three-year program in lyceés, vocational schools teaching in different specializations like tourism, nursing, technical. Secondary education is presented by The American College in Kyrenia, Gazi Lycee in Lefke, Ataturk Meslek Lisesi in Nicosia, Karpas Vocational Lycee in Karpas Meslek Lisesi in Karpas, Practical Technical High School for Ladies in Lefke and many others.

    Higher education is presented by the next popular universities: Cyprus International University, Eastern Mediterranean University, European University of Lefke, Girne American University, Near East University. Most of universities in North Cyprus are international and teaching here is in English language.

    North Cyprus is considered an island of higher education, because it is 40 percent of the economy of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus.