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    by admin on December 4, 2019

    The cuisine of North Cyprus is diverse, refined and noticeably different from others. There is a huge variety of cheeses which are added to many dishes. Chellim cheese is the most popular among Cypriots. It has a salty taste, but after the thermal treatment, the salinity is muffled and  cheese becomes soft, pulpy and very tasty.
    The cuisine of North Cyprus absorbed the best from the Mediterranean cuisine. It combines Turkish, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines. Surprisingly, there are not much fish dishes here. Fish is almost absent in the coastal waters, it is brought from other countries. Meat and vegetable dishes cooking by special recipes have become more widespread here.

    Not all restaurants in North Cyprus can offer a truly traditional cuisine. Here is a list of the main dishes of North Cyprus:
    Meze – all kinds of snacks, including hummus, sauces, salads, tahin, cheese Hellim, olives and others.
    Kleftiko – the thigh of a lamb baked with herbs and potato.
    Pumpkin flowers stuffed with a beef cooked in the oven.
    Sheftali kebab – grilled minced beef with onions and herbs wrapped in a fat sheep skin.
    Molechia – dishes from the leaves of a rare plant molechia.
    Kolokas is a dish made from the roots of the plant kolokas.

    The list of the desserts of North Cyprus includes such unique sweets as Turkish baklava, kunefe, ekmek kadaif, ice cream Mardo, pastries.