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    Construction industry

    by admin on December 12, 2019
    Construction industry

    The construction industry in North Cyprus is very young. The political conflict makes it difficult to develop. The organization of construction in North Cyprus is very simple, only the participation of families in the businesses makes it socially complicated.

    The construction industry in North Cyprus had a high increase after establishment of the Annan Plan set for solving Cyprus Problem. From 2004 until 2010 low prices for property in North Cyprus attracted citizens from United Kingdom, which desired to possess housing in a warm sea side. This period new small construction firms started their activities attempting to take income during the construction increase. But their production was of bad quality, because the government of North Cyprus doesn’t have the appropriate regulations for construction process.

    As the government is seeking to prevent the island from being excessively built it allows to construct only villas, houses and small blocks of apartments. In most areas the number of floors shouldn’t be more than two.

    Around 95 percent of all construction companies of private sector in North Cyprus are small and medium sized. Near 89 percent of these are family owned, that has an impact on management of local projects. The number of foreign construction companies is small.

    Anyway the construction sector of North Cyprus has plenty of qualified and reputable architects, designers and engineers, which offer great projects of different types and styles. The villas, townhouses, apartments are being constructed in the city center, in mountains, on the coast. There is a choice between just completed, off-plan and old Cypriot authentic properties.