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    by admin on December 12, 2019

    Life in Cyprus is 300 sunny days in a year, the Mediterranean sea, a wealth of vitamins, the most beautiful nature. Many people choose this area not only for recreation, but also for permanent residence, because life here is calm and Cypriots are kind and friendly.

    This article lists the main advantages and strengths of North Cyprus, which attract tourists and immigrants.

    1. Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, where plains alternate with mountain chains, and rocky coasts with endless sandy beaches. There are numerous trees, bushes and flowers that create magical landscapes and stunning views anywhere in Cyprus. The traditional cuisine of North Cyprus includes dishes of different nationalities, as well as the Mediterranean diet. Yields of vegetables and fruits are here several times a year.

    2. The island is at the point of contact of Europe, Asia and Africa, which makes it an important trade destination for Europe. There are the Western and Eastern cultures are mixed, that made its culture and traditions special. The island has many minerals, especially copper mines. It is also a well-developed agriculture.

    3. Because of the fact that Cyprus was a British colony until 1960, a large number of English and other Europeans live in North Cyprus.

    4. It is the British legislation on the island. The banking system combines the Turkish and British bases. Most of the local population knows English language. Specialists of different professions, such as doctors, lawyers, teachers working on the island, were educated in Turkey, Europe and Great Britain.

    5. The island has well-developed infrastructure, including road communications, postal services, public and private educational institutions, cinemas, museums, galleries. Prices for accommodation are affordable, taxes are relatively low, and the crime rate is minimal.

    6. Construction of residential real estate is very well developed in North Cyprus. There is a wide selection of facilities at affordable prices: from small studios to luxury villas. There are no obstacles in obtaining a residence permit when purchasing residential housing.

    7. You can reach North Cyprus through the airport Ercan, located near Nicosia, or the seaport of Famagusta. Travelling does not require much time and money.

    8. A very hospitable society is in North Cyprus. So many elderly people from around the world come here to rest on their retirement. In addition, there is a favorable climate for the creation and development of business in any area.