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    Autumn activities

    by admin on December 12, 2019
    Autumn activities

    When autumn come to Cyprus summer activities are still relevant, because the sea is still warm and sun is bright. Paragliding, diving, boat trips are available until the weather become cloudy and cold. It happens closer to November.

    Autumn is the time for festivals in North Cyprus. Music festivals are arranged in Bellapais and amfiteatro in Kyrenia. There is also a variety of festivals devoted to agricultural production of Cyprus. The largest of them are dedicated to the carob and olive trees. The carob is a famous plant in Cyprus, which is added to food for enrichment with taste and useful properties. The olive is also one of the main symbols of Cyprus. There are special techniques how to collect and harvest them. Many products are cooked from olives: oil, soap, cosmetics. The special olive holidays are arranged for eco tourists, where everybody can participate in all stages of poduction process of olive oil. In the end of such tours all participants get experience and knowledges about olive industry and bring home self-made oil.

    The mountain hiking is a very popular autumn activity in North Cyprus. The ideal humidity and temperature of this season allow tourists to explore the mountain trails with local plants and animals, admire the beautiful views. Many picturesque hiking trails are laid in the area of Bufavento castle. The information about all existing tourist routes can be got from Touristic Offices in Kyrenia and Nicosia. Mostly these paths are well-defined, with compacted surface and with indicated directions. But some paths have only forests and can be very dangerous for walking. It is always better to travel together with somebody for any case, have water and hiking cane.